1. brbsavinggotham:

    six selfies again again because nico captainoftheusslarry tagged me, bless his beautiful heart, and i just happened to have some incredible snapchat selfies saved on my phone, you know 

    1. the night after getting my hair cut, sat on the floor for three hours taking pictures of myself (december)
    2. quiz night, put on make up and painted my nails gold to channel a winning spirit and impress the cute quiz host (may)
    3. first proper cold day of the year, very happy about my new coat, waiting for the bus to my french class (may)
    4. last day of the semester working in the library on a paper for ‘epochs of english literature’ (june)
    5. sitting on a pier in a tiny tiny town in tasmania after a lovely lasagne lunch (july)
    6. sitting in bed right before going to a potluck, wearing a thrifted old lady sweater and (not pictured here) tweed shorts and mustard stockings (july)

    i don’t know who hasn’t done this already or who wants to do it again but i want to see all of your beautiful faces so!!!!!


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  3. shutupjames:

    listen to me
    little mix is vitally important
    I have too many feelings about little mix
    I can’t organise those feelings into coherent thought let alone make posts about them
    Little mix
    Pop music
    So good
    I can’t

    remember when james and i played truth or dare and i made him write a post about little mix

  5. cowboymusk:


    Did the sun just obey Niall’s command?

    no. niall is the sun. you’re witnessing niall, the sun, giving himself a pep talk. sometimes the sun hides behind a cloud. sometimes the sun is a little less bright. niall, the sun, gives us a stunning example of how self-care, self-love, and sometimes self-talk bring out the best in ourselves.

  6. spoon-fork:

    I’m going through my camera roll deleting old stuff and came across this excellent row

    bringing this back


  7. birdinthefamily replied to your post “stackedlady replied to your post “as the sun of one direction sets on…”

    WHAT i was unaware of this secret other blog

    i’m sorry!!! life on the internet is such a struggle…


  8. stackedlady replied to your post “as the sun of one direction sets on my dashboard/in my life (don’t…”

    hello I didn’t know u had other blogs pls

    my ~personal~ is lazybunday, everything else is defunct. one time i posted about it but i guess that’s not how this works. am i supposed to post a link somewhere??? idk. b my friend <3

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  10. dykevibes:

    why do boys just get to start bands and girls have to worry about “being good” or “knowing how to play” “”“”instruments”“”“