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    1. late january - the day i received the best shirt of 2014

    2. when my hair was dyed purple the first time in february! blurrggghh wish i could afford to re-bleach it RIGHT NOW

    3. after deciding i wanted my summer look to be witchy as fuck 2k14 and buying this super important hat and lipstick

    4. my cat was the best thing to happen to me in 2014 and this is the best me & bae selfie ever taken no one will convince me otherwise i will fight u

    5. after swimming in the mediterranean in turkey last week… i thought this would be a w/e photo just to prove i was there but for some reason i really like it

    6. proof of my unshowered post-mediterranean sea hair! THE SEA DOES AMAZING THINGS TO MY HAIR. this was actually right when i woke up #bagsundereyes #flawless

    i’m almost positive everyone i follow has been tagged already. i’ll think more about this later my mom thinks i’m en route to pick her up from the hotel and I AIN’T

    god i love you

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    "Can you feel the love tonight?"

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    Zayn knows his own management have been whitewashing him since the start and doesn’t allow him to talk about his religion, Zayn knows people who works around him supports Israel, Zayn knows the media are assholes towards him yet He was brave enough and tweeted #FreePalestine. Zayn Malik deserves too much respect

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    No one tagged me but here are some jam




    gayalienprince (again, moar pls)

    feferi (mOAR PLS)

    spicycolleen ! because i haven’t seen yr face in forever <3

    Omg guys reblog my selfies I am so sad and cute

    1. just model stuff
    2. last selfie taken in ideal selfie mirror in old apartment building rip. st kilda
    3. i weep for you, too (location: ether; month: eternity)
    4. airbnb studio apartment in flatbush, ny, the morning after the first night #jamcoexclusives (January)
    5. oscar is expressing himself well
    6. first day back at school, back in australia, jetlagged (June).

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    six selfies again again because nico captainoftheusslarry tagged me, bless his beautiful heart, and i just happened to have some incredible snapchat selfies saved on my phone, you know 

    1. the night after getting my hair cut, sat on the floor for three hours taking pictures of myself (december)
    2. quiz night, put on make up and painted my nails gold to channel a winning spirit and impress the cute quiz host (may)
    3. first proper cold day of the year, very happy about my new coat, waiting for the bus to my french class (may)
    4. last day of the semester working in the library on a paper for ‘epochs of english literature’ (june)
    5. sitting on a pier in a tiny tiny town in tasmania after a lovely lasagne lunch (july)
    6. sitting in bed right before going to a potluck, wearing a thrifted old lady sweater and (not pictured here) tweed shorts and mustard stockings (july)

    i don’t know who hasn’t done this already or who wants to do it again but i want to see all of your beautiful faces so!!!!!


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    Did the sun just obey Niall’s command?

    no. niall is the sun. you’re witnessing niall, the sun, giving himself a pep talk. sometimes the sun hides behind a cloud. sometimes the sun is a little less bright. niall, the sun, gives us a stunning example of how self-care, self-love, and sometimes self-talk bring out the best in ourselves.