#larry was real

24 yr old 1d fan boy. if you have never cried over larry please see yourself out.

  • Anonymous asked : wanna suck niall's dick while harry sits on his face and louis jerks it all over my ass 'cause he mostly just wants to watch

    i tried drawing a diagram in order to understand how this is physically possible. i think i figured it out. is this what you had in mind? seems like it would be rough on niall’s neck. very intense.

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  • Anonymous asked : face cum anon here with some more insights: giving harry a sloppy wet blowjob and refusing to let him cum / maybe a ruined orgasm. louis is watching but he is tied down / maybe wearing some sort of horrible chastity device and he has to watch it all happen. i will take niall out to dinner and make him cum in his pants before dinner arrives.

    WHICH face cum anon tho? there have been several if i recall correctly. anyway this is good, harry loves orgasm denial, it’s #canon. i love how embarrassing your niall idea is, i wanna see him blush!!!!

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  • cuteasbuttonsallofyou asked : Hi! Stopping by to tell you your blog is amazing! I nearly cried last night, I was seriously refreshing the page every two seconds. Wonderful idea, brilliant outcome! You go love ;)

    omg….thank you

  • Anonymous asked : I want them all to have sex with each other on top of me and i can't breath and i am just groping away and eventually they crush me to death, then they all do the ice bucket challenge and my body decomposes and the melting ice waters my remains and flowers grow and they use these flowers to make garlands for their hair

    this meme is over, everyone go home

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  • Anonymous asked : one direction was fine before you fuck it

    i don’t know what you mean but i think you’re wrong.

  • Anonymous asked : i want louis to fuck my mouth til my lips hurt and i got no voice so that when zayn, harry, and niall all fuck me raw one after the other i'm not screamin' so loud as to wake the other one from where we've convinced him to sleep with some headphones in


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  • rimmingnarry:


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  • new theme, designed to make u cry.

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